Shells from the Pacific Northwest

Here are some of the shells found in the Pacific Northwest. There are some beautiful species there!
Chlamys herica, "Pacific Pink Scallop"

I was lucky to spot this between boulders in Victoria, British Columbia.

Margarites pupillus

Lovely little shells found among boulders in Victoria.

Margarites pupillus
Acmaea mitra. "White Cap Limpet

Solid white shells, very elevated. This is the underside, showing the animal attached to the aquarium glass.

Tegula funebralis

Note all the tentacles, typical of this group of animals.

Tegula funebralis

This animal is black and hunkers down under its shell, so it hard to photograph.

Mitrella species?

A tiny shell found inside dead clam shells, it is very active.

siphon of the "geoduck" clam, Panopea gigantea

These large geoducks (pronounced gooey-duck) are good to eat but hard to dig up from their 2-foot-deep holes!

Polinices lewisi with its egg case

Bigger than your fist, this large predator lays its eggs under the sand-and-mucus "egg collar" shown beside Pat's foot.