Cat Island, Bahamas

Queen Conch I have only been to Cat Island once. We didn't find a lot of areas to snorkel, but the ones we found were productive. The best was right in front of our hotel, so you could go there any time you like. There are conchs, tun shells, and tulips, plus many smaller shells right there.

The next best was clear across the island and was actually too shallow to snorkel at low tide! However, two beautiful Queen Conchs were found there and a lot more.

Our hotel is nice but basic. We have kitchen facilities so you can clean your shells there. There is a store right at the hotel with any groceries you need, but it is closed Saturdays (they are Seventh Day Adventists).

Date: July 21-25, 2017
For: Snorkelers, some wading
Cost: $1950
  • Airfare from Miami or Ft Lauderdale
  • Accommodations
  • Land transportation
  • guide.
  • Not included: Meals, bar, boat if we want it.
  • Deposit:
  • $1250 with reservation
  • balance due 6 weeks before trip.
  • Passport required.
  • Reservation Form
  • Ready to go? Fill out the reservation form and send a deposit. I will send a list of items to bring about 6 weeks before the trip.