Eleuthera, Bahamas

Eleuthera is a long, slender island with lots of shoreline and good shells to be found thereon. It's best if you snorkel, but you can find some small shells beachcombing.

Date: September 17-21, 2017
For: Snorkelers and beachcombers
Cost: $1700
  • Air fare from Fort Lauderdale
  • Accommodations (d/o.)
  • Land transportation
  • Breakfast
  • guide.
  • Not included: Other Meals, bar, departure tax.
  • Deposit:
  • $600 with reservation
  • balance due six weeks before trip.
  • Passport required.
  • Reservation Form
  • More about Eleuthera

    Though you can stay in housekeeping cottages for less money, I'm opting for a nice motel I've stayed in before. It has a restaurant and there are more around the island.

    People in Eleuthera are friendly and helpful. The island is beautiful, with vistas of the sea around just about every corner. There's little to do, though, besides relax and enjoy the sun, water, and shells.

    Sweeting's Pond

    The salt ponds of Eleuthera are famous and unique. Animals that have lived in them for centuries have evolved into different species, and there are at least three species unique to these ponds. There are also 3 inch seahorses in one of them, as well as crabs with very long legs and claws. In this photo, a sea urchin on a discarded engine carries uniquely colored egg cockles.

    Here are some photos of shells found in the ponds. pics

    Ready to go? Fill out the reservation form and send a deposit. I will send a list of items to bring about 6 weeks before the trip. You will need a passport.