Guaymas/San Carlos, Western Mexico

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The area around Guaymas, Mexico, on the Gulf of California, is delightful and full of shells! Beachcombing yields olives, cones, murex, comb Venus clams, and much,much more. Adding shells from fishermen makes our "catch" almost too big to bring home!

Date: Nov. 30-Dec. 5, 2017
For: Waders and beachcombers
Cost: $1500

  • Air fare from Phoenix, AZ
  • Accommodations (d/o.)
  • Land transportation
  • guide.
  • Not included: Meals, bar, departure tax.

  • Deposit:
  • $800 with reservation
  • balance due six weeks before trip.
  • Passport required.
  • Reservation Form
  • More about San Carlos and Guaymas

    San Carlos has developed into a resort destination for visitors to Western Mexico. Just north of Guaymas, it is situated on the Gulf of California. Lovely white sand beaches are interrupted by rock outcrops and occasional estuaries, and this mix of habitats yields a large variety of shells. Each day we will drive to visit a different beach or bay.

    Mexican children Here and there are fishing villages where you find piles of shells discarded after the animals have been removed for food, or that were caught in crab traps. Some are from deeper water and very interesting.

    Our hotel will be comfortable and commodious, restaurants varied and good. There will be stores where you can buy bottled water and groceries plus bleach and alcohol for your shells. There are several nice souvenir shops selling handicrafts from all over Mexico. English is at least understood in most shops and restaurants, and U.S. dollars are welcome.

    Ready to go? Fill out the reservation form and send a deposit. I will send a list of items to bring about 6 weeks before the trip. You will need a passport.

    Eupleura Haustellum Solenostira Hexaplex brassica

    More pictures of shells from Guaymas