Shells from Senegal

I'm no expert on west African shells, so identifications may not be correct. I enjoyed my trip to Senegal and collecting there.
Anachis emergens
Columbella mercatoria (?)

These specimens match the Caribbean species, and I suspect they are the same - an example of amphi-Atlantic species.

Columbella mercatoria (?)

Another view of the same "dove shell"

Gibberula umbilicalis

A common rock-dwelling mollusk.

Gibberula umbilicalis
Homalocanthus melanamathos

Pretty common, but usually encrusted with coralline algae and barnacles.


This tiny (1/4 inch) shell is not in any book I could find. It was in shallow water under a rock.


The same shell. It was very active!


Another view of the shell. The spots on the animal show through the semi-translucent shell.

Hydatina physis

A beautiful "bubble" shell with an even more beautiful animal.

Hydatina physis

Another view of this active animal.

Haliotis marmorata

This abalone was common in shallow water. There were also many dead shells left by the people, who eat them.

Pollia assimilis (?)
Pollia viverratus

Very common in the location where I found them among rocks.

Conus pulcher

This is a small specimen. Others on the trip found nice large ones farther out in the water.

Conus pulcher