Florida/Carribbean Turridae

My book on Shallow-Water Florida/Caribbean Turridae is finally as complete as I will make it. This book is the result of years of frustration in attempting to identify the Turridae found in Florida and the Caribbean. Nearly 500 names have been proposed for living Turridae in these waters in depths of less than 250 fathoms–and I have not included many others found at greater depths.

The list is based on that published on the World Wide Web by the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia (ANSP), which includes mention of any species in literature the workers there have found.

I have photographed in color or found illustrations elsewhere of all but one species. Some of the illustrations are scans of photos I took years ago from others’ collections, and others are scans of the author's original illustration.

Each species occupies a card taking 1/2 page (some have two cards), with one, two, or more illustrations on each card. Range, depth, and size are indicated as reported by ANSP from literature. Comments about sculpture or shape are largely my own or distilled from the original descriptions, or from my observations, and I have indicated color wherever I could. Subfamilies are indicated as currently understood, and synonyms are listed at the left side after the “+” sign. Illustrations are all the same size regardless of the size of the shell, so care should be taken to note the size indication under the author’s name.

Each shell is numbered for easy reference; synonyms have the valid name’s number with “+” before it. I have tried to group similar shells together within their subfamilies. The index includes synonyms, most of which have no card of their own, but I have included cards for those synonyms for which I have reliable illustrations to give more material for study. Occasional blank cards are inserted to keep duplicate cards on the same page.

I and many others have found it quite useful in identifying these numerous but poorly known shells.

Click here to see the cover, introduction, sample pages and ordering information in PDF format. Because it's a large file, it will take a while to load!