Links to shell-related sites

Great Information

  • Let's Talk Seashells.
    This is probably the best website on this list. Marlo Krisberg carefully studies the shells of Florida and shows their unique characteristics, comparing them with similar species. There are also many talk threads about a variety of topics you can peruse or add to. Photographs are outstanding and the scholarship is too.
  • Malacolog
    By the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. A searchable database of Western Atlantic shells. You can find the latest thought about the Genus and Species of a shell, who named it and when, its size and geographical range, and any other names it has been given.
  • Malacological Terms
    An illustrated glossary of malacological terms. Are you confused by a term in a description of a shell? Need a term to describe a shell? Good site for answers by a working malacologist.
  • Useful Supplies

  • Althor Products
    Plastic boxes and foam inserts, small zip bags (under "Other Products". This site is hard to navigate but quality is great. Plastic box sizes list has poor organization - just have to look through the whole list to find the size you want.
  • Bioquip Products
    Items such as black lights, forceps, gelatin capsules, Vernier calipers, and vials and lots more. Index begins on page 200.
  • Science
    White Pine Oil, which dissolves the animal in shells. Expensive and hazardous, this is one of the few sites that carries it.
  • Joe Diver
    Scuba diving and snorkeling equipment. I always recommend that people new to snorkeling go to a dive shop to purchase a mask so it can be fitted to your face; for those who know what kind of mask they want or for any other equipment, this site has good prices and equipment.
  • Stanley's Custom Eyewear
    Prescription lenses in your mask. You can send Stanley your own mask or purchase one from him. He'll need your prescription and can adapt it for underwater vision. Allow a couple of weeks for completion. Believe me, it makes a big difference!
  • Books and DVDs

  • MdM Shells & Books
    All the quality new books about shells plus some used books. Bob Janowsky has been in the business for many years.
  • Backhuys Publishers
    Natural History books, including many shell books. A great inventory of used and antiquarian books. Based in Europe.
  • The Secret Lives of Seashells
    DVDs of living seashells with narration. Excellent for teachers (a teacher's guide is available) and shell clubs. Very affordable. Author Joyce Matthys lives in Oregon and winters on Sanibel, Florida.
  • Organizations

  • Conchologists of America
    An international group that holds annual conventions in summer and has an outstanding quarterly magazine. It also hosts Conch-L, a user group for shell collectors, from amateur to professional. You can ask any question about shells and you'll be answered.
  • Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum
    On Sanibel Island, west coast of florida. Among other items of interest, there is a searchable, illustrated database of West Florida shells.
  • U. S. Shell Clubs

  • Sarasota Shell Club
    My home shell club.
  • Jacksonville (FL) Shell Club
    A great site. Lots of information about marine, land and freshwater shells, photos of shells, including living shells.
  • Astronaut Trail Shell Club
    On Florida's (northeast) Space Coast.
  • Broward Shell Club
    Broward County, Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area).
  • Gulf Coast Shell Club
    On Florida's Panhandle (based in Panama City). Some photos of shells and a list of shells of the area. The club sells a book they have produced on NW Florida shells.
  • Marco Island Shell Club
    Marco Island, Florida (West Coast).
  • Sanibel Captiva Shell Club
    Florida West Coast.
  • St. Pete Shell Club
    St Petersburg, Florida (West Coast). Some articles on shell collecting.
  • Suncoast Conchologists
    Clearwater, Florida (West Coast).
  • Houston (TX) Conchology Society
  • Jersey Cape Shell Club
  • North Carolina Shell Club
    Offers tips for shelling in North Carolina.
  • Philadelphia Shell Club
  • Pacific Northwest Shell Club
    Based in Seattle, Washington. Website includes many articles and an illustrated list of northwest shells and marine life.
  • San Diego (CA) Shell Club
  • Guam Shell Club
    Website includes many articles and illustrations of shells and marine life.
  • Cen Penn Beachcombers
    Based in Susquehanna Valley region of Pennsylvania.
  • Boston Malacological Club
    Website includes some articles.

    Shell Dealers I know and trust. (Note: I mostly purchase shells from the Americas, so this list lacks dealers from other areas of the world!)

    You might have to create an account to see prices and order.

  • Femorale
    A company based in Brazil. Accurate identifications. site also has numerous photos of shells not for sale and articles about shell collecting. Marcus and Jose Coltro.
  • World Wide Conchology
    Excellent shells, marine and many land shells. Also a lot of information on the hobby of shell collecting. Richard Goldberg.
  • Sanibel Seashell Industries
    A wide selection from specimen shells to craft shells and supplies. Larry Strange and family.
  • The Shell Store
    Based in St Pete Beach, FL, one of the oldest shell companies still around! Specimen shells, craft shells and supplies. Some detailed instructions for making shell crafts including Christmas ornaments. Bob Lipe and family.
  • Patagonian Shells
    A company based in Argentina. Accurate identifications. Many shells not available from other dealers, mostly from Argentina, Chile, Peru, etc. Very reasonable prices. Andres Bonard.
  • Donax Seashells
    A company based in Brazil. Mario Andrade Lima.